A downloadable game for Windows

In Rocket Jump players have been commissioned to field test a prototype, the new and improved Air Compression Bazookas developed by Propelled Industries. Your job is to head into a deadly cave filled with life threatening hazards and test out the new product. Use the bazooka to propel yourself around the level and dodge a horde of traps in order to reach the end of the level and proceed onto the next level. Your safety is not assured.

Genre: Puzzle, Action, Platformer

Operating System: Windows

Xbox Controller REQUIRED

Game Engine: Unity

Cost: Free!

StatusIn development
Release date Nov 10, 2016
GenrePlatformer, Puzzle
TagsPuzzle-Platformer, Singleplayer
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller

Install instructions

Extract Zip file and double click on .exe


Project Rocket Jump.zip 16 MB